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Aggressive PSA About Dick Grayson


I’m going to address the two ton elephant in the fandom: the fan interpretation of Dick Grayson. So yeah, I’m basically going to say out loud what half of you are thinking and what the other half of you are ignorant of.

Dick Grayson is not an eternally happy-go-lucky, trusting, or friendly guy. There, I said it. Dick has flaws. Bring on the pitchforks, fandom, I’ll fight you to the death. I’m glad that Dick Grayson is such a popular character, but the fact that so many people characterize him wrong drives me crazy. Yes. You should love Dick Grayson. You should also make sure you’re loving Dick Grayson for the right reasons.

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How Scott Lobdell view Superman and why I disagree


Good point on the World of Cardboard. I’ve actually read that twice in TV Tropes but since it’s never appeared in any books I’ve read I forgot about it. 

Yeah, I’m not sure how I remembered it myself. It doesn’t get mentioned often at all. BUT… even with all the problems Man of Steel had, I did watch that movie recently and it DID put emphasis on that part of Clark’s early years. I have a bunch of other issues with the movie I won’t get into, but THAT part of it was spot on since it’s a legitimate concern for him AND Ma and Pa Kent were the ones who taught him to be responsible with his strength. (Sadly, it was like 30 minutes into the movie when things got way too out of the way for me and by that time, I was too lazy to turn the movie off.)

If someone REALLY needs to humanize Superman at all, that’s definitely a psychological aspect to focus in on. Not whatever Lobdell was trying to get at. (The dog analogy sounded like something Lex Luthor would say to discourage people from looking up to Superman in the first place, I mean really—LEGIT CALLING PEOPLE DOGS HERE)

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